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TV LAND Awards

TV LAND voted “The Andy Griffith Show” BEST SHOW OF THE YEAR, and the awards ceremonies, held in March 2004 were taped and telecast first on March 17, 2004.

Andy Griffith, his co-stars, Earle Hagen and members of the production team were all on hand to receive the audience's affectionate applause.  The beloved series was the focal point of the evening, and a special highlight was a charming appearance by Andy Griffith and Earle Hagen which was presented as a special surprise.

(Earle Hagen says it was his acting debut, but denies that there'll be more appearances of this nature.  We'll have to encourage him!)

Early in the ceremonies, four little boys (about the age of Opie) strolled out with fishing polls over their shoulders.  No sooner had they sat down on the stage and proceeded to see what they could catch in the orchestra pit, than did Earle Hagen and Andy Griffith follow, equally rigged out and , of course, whistling the famous theme.

The whole audience joined in, and then gave Earle Hagen and Andy Griffith a warm and enthusiastic standing ovation.

 Later on in the evening, when the BEST SHOW OF THE YEAR award was officially handed out, the gentlemen returned to the stage, along with Jim Nabors, Don Knotts, producer  Aaron Ruban and Lance Howard (father of Ron) and others associated with the ever popular comedy.

The telecast is scheduled to be repeated, so check your TV listings to catch the unique Earle Hagen appearance.

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